Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator

Use this handy calculator to get a better idea of how much it will cost you to carry your existing credit card debt. Simply enter your total credit card debt and your yearly interest rate along with what you monthy payments are and it will show you exactly how much this debt will cost you in the long run.

Your Total Credit Card Debt:
Interest Rate (Annual Percentage):
Current Monthly Payment:
Months It Will Take To Be Debt Free:
Total Amount Payed To Lender:
Total Interest Paid To Lender:

Many people are amazed when they see these numbers as the situation may now looks worse then they expected. The good news is that they now know they have a serious financial problem and they can take actions to deal with it. For some it might just come down to budgeting better and maybe seeing a credit counselling company. For some a debt settlement solution will work while others might need something more drastic like bankruptcy.

No matter what your situation is you always have options when it comes to dealing with debt.